Areas of Specialization

Led by our chief appraiser, Donna Thompson Ray, ATFA Appraisals operates in specialized fields of modern and contemporary art, but are not limited to these areas.

  • African art
  • African-American art
  • American art
  • Caribbean art
  • Folk art
  • Haitian Art
  • Latino(a)/Latin American art 

We work with a customized team of professionals including appraisers, conservators, art advisors, artists, estate service staff and art researchers to help on an assignment.  The following is a testimonial from an estate project:

     We would like to express our gratitude to ATFA Appraisals for their diverse range of professional skills and abilities in helping us manage the art and photography collection of our deceased brother, Anthony Bonair.  Donna taught us so much about the various markets that the works could be sold, and she identified some of the key pieces that would bring the most value.  Her office photographed and cataloged the works with great detail and efficiency.  She was confident, knowledgeable, patient, and diligent in all our dealings with her.  We are fortunate to have her as part of our team in managing the collection.  We highly recommend ATFA Appraisals' services.  With warm regards and thanks.  

Executors of the estate of photographer, Anthony Bonair
Brooklyn, NY

Artist Estates

...I hear about a [late] artist’s work being left on the streets by well-meaning family members or friends ...[without] a good record keeping system in place with the kind of information  required in the art market, it makes the task of taking over management  of the artworks more challenging.